Re: Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another CIA creature

From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 12:09:57 BST

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    That was an extremely cogent bit of summary. I think you can also blame
    the British (inter alia) for some of this shit as well, it's just that
    by the time the terrorists have modern tools, the US is the most visible

    When family members react to a loved one's murder they are usually in a
    rage at first, but then want to know why it happened (as in why the perp
    did it), and so I wonder how long it will be before the vast middle of
    America will ask that question, or will they ever - is 'evilness' enough
    here? The media may have a role in this - so far it's been ~60% shots of
    the wreckage, ~30% interviews with those poor sods in limbo, and ~10%
    Bush saying he's going to kick the shit out of someone. Noone on the
    media has asked why yet (in the sense of what motivated their
    attackers), which I can understand, but I hope the question doesn't get

    Also, to wax memetic (fitness of terrorist/'martyr' memes) for a moment;
    the hardest the Brits tried to really 'get heavy' with the terrorists in
    Northern Ireland was internment (imprisonment without trial), which
    generated more hate and resulted in increased recruitment for the IRA
    etc.. Similar thing happened with the right wing militias vs FBI/ATF. If
    we (and it will be we) go to kill lots of arabs, it'll be the second
    best recruitment tool Bin Lid and his ilk could wish for (obviously
    being involved in something like the recent atrocity is now the best
    tool). For every terrorist you stomp on, you grow two more.

    Actually I think that be they called 'martyrs' or whatever, they are
    after their fifteen minutes of fame and a seat in heaven. That's selfish
    behaviour in the extreme, and a predictable response from kids without
    prospects I suppose. Not very noble though. What actually astonishes me
    about this whole thing is how they could've stayed dedicated over
    several years - most suicide bombers seem to go straight from the cleric
    to the crime with no chance for second thoughts, and cults never let you
    out of the compound for fear of the programming wearing off - these
    'folks' (come back Bill fgs) kept going over years, in Europe and the
    US. Exposed to, and resisting, the best temptations us decadent WASPs
    could offer.

    One last thought - is this growing hate anti-muslim or anti brown skin
    (as opposed to black if you'll allow me the shorthand) sentiment? Hindus
    have already been attacked. We desperately need some analysis here (not
    us here, on the media I mean).

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