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Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 00:38:56 BST

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    >From: "Kenneth Van Oost" <>
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    >Subject: Re: US Tragedy
    >Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 21:39:17 +0200
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    >From: Lawrence DeBivort <>
    > > Drove past the Pentagon this morning early still smoking badly. How much
    > > more real to see it in person than on the little screen. And by
    > > this afternoon I'll be driving past Manhatten and will see the new
    > > there, two teeth missing like a prize fighter that has taken a beating.
    > > News media and politicicos still not asking 'why' this happened, so the
    > > lessons are unlikely to be learned and the situation ripe for further
    > > incidents of terrorism. Alas. I am going to try and prod 'why' questions
    > > discussion.
    >Hi Lawrence,
    >I don 't want to rip up more wounds, but I think the next will be of
    >interest of how people, like me reflects on what happened.
    >I did follow up CNN the last couple of days, and it seems to me that
    >it turns this tragedy into a show.
    >Breaking News, at about six o 'clock this evening, local time, was the
    >announcement that the NY police department did not need more
    >volunteers. Therefor they interrupted an interview with an ex- general
    >on how to invade Afghanistan.
    >I wonder, this seems strange to me. I understand that each tiny bit
    >of information is of some importance to someone somewhere but
    >this seems odd.
    >This reminds me of one other interview which I saw this week with
    >an American woman living in Brussels, who calls this kind of beha-
    >vior " childish, playful and naive. "
    >She sees this troughout the American society.
    >This grasped my attention.
    >Could the fact that Americans show such a behavior not be linked
    >to the fact that "Americans do not have a history " !?
    >Let me explain, in a sense, here in Europe we all lived such events,
    >WO I and WO II by which Germany get the blame and the trauma,
    >Belgium had the Dutroux- affair, England the death of Lady Diana.
    >These are only the recent examples, but our history is full of such
    >America had only three, recently, Pearl Harbor, JFK and WTC.
    >In a way, in historic time, America is still in its infancy and the people
    >acts accordingly.
    >If America can' t get it, noone will and if somebody has what America
    >wants they will take it....
    >This is IMO, yes indeed childish behavior and than there are two
    >possibilities, it makes you popular or it does not, most of the time, not !
    >And children behaving like that on the schoolyard don 't have many
    >friends. They think they do, (NATO !?), but bullies always get what
    >they deserve.
    >That is of course no way to see things, I understand, but in the context
    >of this list of some importance.
    >In my mind there is no doubt that people get memetical determiniated
    >by the way they live, I posted this view this week, so couldn 't it not
    >be that American folks in contrast with Europeans are still, on some
    >memetical scale, in their infancy !?
    >It seems to me, watching CNN all the time, that Americans can 't
    >grasp the fact that they did something, somewhere to somebody wrong.
    >And this seems to fit in the general picture of the child- analogy.
    >A bully turns always things upside down. He is not the blame, it is
    >always the others who don 't understand the way by which he behaves.
    >What do you think !?
    >Hope I did not offend you, or others, in any way;
    I think I'll bite my lip on this one and not bite the hook.

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