Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another CIA creature

From: Aaron Agassi (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 22:22:56 BST

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    Subject: Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another CIA creature
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    It could be worse. It could have been an asteroids strike, for which we
    remain scarcely better prepared than where the Dinosaurs.

    No surprise, it appears that Saudi Billionaire Osama Bin Laden is another
    CIA creature, just like Sadam and Noriega. Because the Taliban was deemed
    useful against the Soviets, hated by the Afghans mainly for teaching Afghani
    women how to read and write!

    How ironic that Bush has vowed, and with a perfectly straight face, not only
    to route out the terrorists, but also to smash their support network. What,
    is he dissolving the CIA? The West, not only the Taliban whom we helped,
    looked the other way for Bin Laden because he proved so useful in drawing
    fanatical cannon fodder for the Taliban in the ongoing Afghan civil war of
    attrition, the Russian Vietnam.

    And now the tax appropriations for counter-terrorism will be astronomical,
    unprecedented and open ended.

    And huge profits stand to be made by the 1% who control 80% (among 10%
    controlling 90%) of the world's wealth (as estimated by Forbes Magazine),
    the Corporations of the Multinational Military Industrial Complex who's
    lobbyists regularly give so generously to fund the campaigns often of *both*
    interchangeable candidates from our identical political parties, in each
    sham election.

    In a word, graft.

    America political support for the pro-democracy movement of Corazon Aquino
    in the Philippines was a proud moment and the rare exception. Another was
    when the White House funded a group of Polish American business people to
    fly to Poland and set themselves up to disburse small business loans, and
    bring Poland back to vibrant economic life as the Soviet Empire collapsed.
    (And, boy, weren't the Polish Aparatchicks, drooling at the prospect of
    carving up a Western pork-barrel for their own government pet projects,
    incensed, instead, to find themselves bypassed like that!)

    If, instead, such political and ecconomic intervention where standard
    Western foreign policy, for the proverbial ounce of prevention, the world
    could have been spared the rise of Petty Nationalis, Militant Islamic
    Fundimentalism, ethnic tension, cleansings, loose nukes and the KJB Mafia.

    Alas, most of the time, the West simply stood by while pro-democracy
    movements where overwhelmed by Militant Fundamentalism and Petty
    Nationalism, in Iran when the Sheik fell, in most of Eastern Europe with the
    collapse of the Soviet Empire, and all around the world, with depressing

    And who *can* count upon help by the West? Why, the likes of Sadam, Noriega
    and the Taliban including Bin Laden! Then flag waving rah, rah, rah, and
    false surprise when our own foreign policy Frankensteins turn on us! For

    Bush in daddy's footsteps, rallying our sad, sick world against the enemies
    of his father's creation! Noriega, Sadam, now Bin Laden. All Bush CIA
    protégés. And all of this is common knowledge. But what choice have we at
    this point? The public has been manipulated up against the wall, yet again.

    We have sown the wind, and reap the whirlwind. But responsible policy would
    put a crimp on graft, including war profiteering, energy price-fixing,
    insider trading, megga-mergers, liquidation and auto-cannibalization,
    pork-barrels, Corporate Welfare, tax loopholes for the rich, tax burdens for
    the working poor, slashed social services, bureaucratic waste, Eco-rape,
    Eco-preserves for the rich, and the exploitation of impoverished labor
    living under oppression in the Third World, bereft of any better choice or
    redress, in order to then intimidate First World labor with the threat of
    mounting unemployment, fired and then hired back as temps with no benefits,
    Vice, the War on Vice, and privatized prisons as a growth industry. All
    Neo-Malthusian Standard Operating Procedure.

    And the Running Dogs of the Oligarchs actually defend all such criminal
    manipulative coercion, extortion and violence, Monopolism hording the
    world's wealth, as Free Trade!!

    Without genuine democracy, *real* free trade and open market competition on
    a level playing field protected under the Rule of Law, true growth,
    Progress, automation, actual production and prosperity for all everywhere in
    the world, none of us can ever be safe. Not from terrorism, crime, AIDS,
    pollution, nor even the next asteroid strike. All needless and evitable.

    All the world wants to live the American dream, not the American nightmare!

    Bin Laden is just another killer rich boy, a wanna be Bush. A player in the
    same endless and ugly game.

    But what can we do to effect the needed global change, sooner rather than
    later? A question, first of all, that only obtains after definition and then
    acknowledgement of the problem. Because that is where any sensible
    discussion must begin.

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