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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 21:55:00 BST

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    From: Scott Chase <>
    > >Maybe our brains, our minds have different epimemetic lineages by
    > >which they work. And that is maybe why you don 't see MR in the
    > >same light like I do. But for the record, the way I use MR is in the
    > >way as Scott I believe, uses it, purely as part to investigate things
    > >further.
    > >
    > I don't quite get your drift here. I don't use MR. I haven't realized any
    > utility or veracity for the MR concept. My interest is in the concept as
    > concept and what attracts people to notions such as MR. I'm
    > parapsychologically challenged so I'm at a disadvantage.
    > To be fair, I try to keep "memes" at an arm's length too.

    Hi Scott,

    Sorry for the inconvience, my mistake, but what you wrote is what I

    My drift is the following,
    In the context of the thread ' Why ' about the US tragedy I mean,
    that despite the fact that the terrorists lived for some time in the USA,
    of them ' changed '. Despite the fact they got all access to all the techno-
    logy possible they did not change. You can see here how memetically
    determinated they can be and were and are.

    They were not intimidated memetically, not infected in any way by how
    Americans lived, played, cried and laughed. On the contrary, they want
    to destroy the US in any way possible.
    And in a sense, they ' prove ' what I want to say, that we can 't change
    once memetically determinated by education, social standard etc.
    We are getting fixed, our memes fix us.

    And those terrorists were ' fixed ' in their mind, US memetical filters
    and hooks of social standards, opportunity, money, etc didn 't work on
    them and the USA as a community was for their memes not even worthy
    to delude the organism, not even the poorest one !
    Thoughts, statements, arguments and beliefs are so, memetically formed
    and determinated into our minds that we can 't see another perspective.
    And that works both ways, terrorist and USA citizin are alike_ according
    to how their mind works memetically, that is.

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are)

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