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    >In June, I gave a talk in the Wall Street financial district on the subject
    >of stock market thought contagions. I had been invited to give the talk
    >mainly to address what caused the bubble and crash in the technology stocks
    >and in the broader market, as well as boom and bust in an entire economy.
    >Before addressing those topics, however, I discussed something that no one
    >wanted to hear: how contagions of ideas that cause war and mass violence
    >send shock waves through the world financial markets. An earlier draft of
    >talk put things in such stark terms that it would have cast a pall over the
    >conference, and may have just made people shut out the message.
    >Right after my talk, a group of about 50 of us walked west on Wall Street,
    >past the New York Stock Exchange, then North on Broadway, and West on
    >Street. We then entered the World Trade Center, walked through the complex,
    >and out to the World Trade Center marina on the Hudson River. There, we
    >boarded a yacht and went sailing around Manhattan for several hours. The
    >of lower Manhattan was fantastic, but I continued to discuss with several
    >people my sad sense of how vulnerable the whole place was in the face of
    >extremely hostile ideologies and warfare ideas spreading throughout the
    >world, as well as the gravely dangerous clashes between ethnic, religious,
    >and political movements. At present, I do not know whether all of the
    >I met that day are safe.
    >I have long been surprised that a mass-violence attack had not happened
    >earlier, particularly given the past attempts, though I am still as shocked
    >as anyone now that it has actually happened. Unfortunately, far worse
    >remain possible and increasingly likely. A dangerously complacent attitude
    >toward the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons
    >technologies will need to be reversed, even if such weapons have already
    >smuggled into target cities.
    >Regarding what I can contribute toward answering the hard questions of
    >I have discussed ideological causes of mass violence in my book Thought
    >Contagion and in a variety of works since then. (Some of the papers and
    >excerpts are available at I am continuing to work on
    >these urgent subjects. Besides the natural questions of "who did it," we
    >to pay far more attention to questions of "what did it."
    I'd settle for who did it and where they are *right now*!

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