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Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 14:06:31 BST

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    on 9/11/01 4:27 AM, Vincent Campbell at wrote:

    > A larger problem is that she generally buys into the mind virus
    > metaphor, which has been critiqued extensively- not to say it's been argued
    > away, as plenty still support this, simply that it's problematic, and I
    > personally no longer buy memes in minds, favouring what is usually linked
    > most closely to Derek Gatherer's work in JOMEMIT (memes in artefacts, or are
    > artefacts).

    A position that will get quite a boost with the impending publication of my
    book on music: Beethoven's Anvil: Music in Mind and Culture. I also
    provide an account of cultural phenotypes that is both along the lines I
    have advocated on this list and in previous publications, but yet rather
    novel. Above all, I have an extensive discussion of the neural
    underpinnings of music.

    Benzon, W. L. (1996). "Culture as an Evolutionary Arena." Journal of Social
    and Evolutionary Systems 19(4): 321-362.

    Benzon, W. L. (1997). "Culture's Evolutionary Landscape: A Reply to
    Hans-Cees Speel." Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems 20(3): 314-322.

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