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Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 02:11:45 BST

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    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
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    >Subject: RE: Cichlids & Memes
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    >On 09/10/01 07:59, Lawrence DeBivort said this-
    > >I would also think that memeticists, if
    > >anyone, would be generally predisposed to MR-type thinking (e.g. due to
    > >dissemination and latent survival of memes)
    >The fact we all don't call our gods 'Zeus' (and have to turn to Disney
    >movies) would tend, I think, to discourage even memeticists (a
    >fuzzy-headed bunch sometimes, yes?) to predispose to such magical
    I'd prefer Loki to Zeus, Ragnarok lover that I am.

    I think, withhout as much venom, it would be important to understand
    objectively what attracts people toward ideas such as MR, and how stuff like
    this makes it into the collective consciousness (whatever that is).

    Now returning to Ragnarok, I've broken down and decided to listen to Tim
    LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins _Left Behind_ on CD while in my car, an
    eschatological work of fiction where the true-believers across the world are
    pulled up to heaven by God during the rapture and those "left behind" (hence
    the title) are left to deal with the aftermath. I'm immediately struck by
    the theodicical implications of it all, where this rapture event winds up
    leading to major havoc. One would think a benevolent deity would pull people
    away more surgically without horrid byproducts for the non-rapturees. So
    far, its OK for fiction and interesting in an Omen-esque sort of way. More
    fascinating would be the popularity the "Left Behind" series has. There's
    also a movie out starring Kirk Cameron (of Growing Pains fame), which I'll
    watch whenever I finish the CD "book" for comparison.

    I don't know if I'll last through the whole "Left Behind" series, but I'll
    try my best. LaHaye has a non-fictional ("spiritual") book out called _Mind
    Siege_ which has been released fairly recently.

    On an unrelated note, I unfortunately took notice of a DVD movie called
    _Faust_ when at the video store last night. Mephistopheles was a character.
    I was thinking "Oh they did a modern version of Goethe's classic, not unlike
    what they've done for Shakespeare". Goethe probably rolls in his grave
    everytime that horrible "movie" is seen by an unsuspecting fool like me. Can
    we say '80's-style horror slasher movie replete with heavy metal soundtrack?
    At least some of the music was performed by Sepultura, a mild plus which
    hardly made up for the script and gratuitous gore.

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