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    >From: "Derek Gatherer" <>
    >Subject: RE: FW: England humour
    >Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 10:26:22 -0500 (EST)
    >Oops! What am I doing here??
    >That's better probably.... now I have more than one line per message.
    >What was I trying to say?
    >Association football had its first rulebook around 1860, which makes it a
    >fairly distant outlier in the football phylogeny.
    >The real outliers of course are Aussie Rules and Gaelic football, which
    >split from the rest at a very early date. There's also Winchester
    >football, which is only played at Winchester school.
    >That's probably going to be an early one, but I'm not sure quite how
    What was "kick the skull"?

    There's also the favo(u)rite of my early elementary school days called "kill
    the man with the ball", after we had graduated from the more relaxed

    We played full contact football during recess when I was in 4th and 5th
    grade. In 6th grade, during my one year in parochial school at an
    Episcopalian church (American version of Anglican?) we played an odd hybrid
    of soccer and football, which was probably passed down through the "forms"
    over the years. There were soccer style goals to kick the ball into, but we
    actually carried the ball instead of kicking it on the ground and grappled
    with each other for control over the ball.

    In junior high scool, we played flag football, "football" American style
    where instead of knocking the living daylights out of the person carrying
    the ball, one could merely attempt to rip a flag attached to their hip by
    velcro. Boring. We also played something called "Gatorball" which I can't
    remember the exact rules for, but it was kinda like a rugbyish American
    football / soccer hybrid. We also played soccer, but I wound up getting sick
    of getting kicked severely in the shins so never liked it a whole lot. There
    was a league in the USA called NASL back then with teams IIRC called New
    York Cosmos, Tampa Bay Rowdies, and New England Teamen (I'm sure the Brits
    like the sound of that one ;-)).

    One of my great regrets was losing a book IIRC by _Sports Illustrated_ which
    was the history of American football arranged as newspaper clippings.

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