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    on 9/10/01 11:26 AM, Vincent Campbell at wrote:


    > Of course, we need to define 'war' properly, and I suppose the presumption
    > being made is of large scale conflict, of mass battles of hundreds/thousands
    > of people. It is very unlikely given the small size of hunter-gatherer
    > groups that such things as war occured. But again, terratorial conflicts do
    > occur, must have occured, and occur in other species also.

    Keeley (1996) does this and concludes that preliterate cultures war and are
    quite violent, with very high rates of death and the hands of other people.
    But, being very small-scale societies, they couldn't field large armies or
    sustain conflict over the course of weeks and months or even years.

    Keeley, l. H. (1996). War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful
    Savage. New York, Oxford University Press.


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