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Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 12:54:03 BST

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            Hi Lawry,

    >> Since no-one can compete militarily with the US, it's not
    >> that sports should be so inward looking, a bit like 14th century
    >> deciding to destroy its entire fleet of ships because they deemed
    >> everywhere
    >> they sailed to inferior in every way to China, and as such it
    wasn't worth
    >> bothering with the rest of the world.

            <Ah, Vince, you have touched on oen of the historical mysteries I
    would like
    > to understand --the Chinese fleet's end. Do you by any chance have any
    > citations to sources that delve into that?>
            As usual, my first reference point for this is a TV show, but one
    based on the book 'Millenium' by Felipe Arnesto (spelling?), one of those
    bestseller style of history books. I assume the book has some detailed
    references, although IIRC, one of the problems of the this period in Chinese
    history is that as well as ordering the destruction of the fleet the emperor
    also ordered the destruction of the admiral of the fleet's extensive records
    of his journeys. I presume enough survived so we know about it, but just
    how much I don't know.


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