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Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 11:22:25 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>

    > Hi Everyone,
    Sorry for the late replies, but I got a really catchin ' up to do...

    > Let's say you have a rapid drought leaving a pool with only a few members
    > a species in it, and the normally perferred colours are not well
    > by the males in the pool. Other selection characteristics- including the
    > choice of other females- would come into play, and one could see how new
    > colour combinations could emerge quite rapidly.

    Yes, of course, but noone takes this behavior as it were ' a reaction '.
    If offspring is so to speak universal important for the species- sake, by
    a rapid drought other selection characteristics are forced upon the fish...
    they have to " react ".
    The matter of contention would be the question if the reaction were instinc-
    tively, intentional or conscient.

    The ' normal ' choise of the female would be outplayed completely.
    IMO, natural selection ( seeing here in the common Darwinian way) plays
    no role here_ the usual by sexual selection coupled choise of mates is
    outrunned by the species will of survive. Which IMO is a far more
    greater ' force ' than those environmental changes which do play a role
    in the survival of any species.



    ( I am, because we are)

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