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Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 22:08:46 BST

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    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
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    >Subject: RE: FW: England humour
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    >On 09/07/01 06:58, Vincent Campbell said this-
    > >Remember the US Russia ice hockey matches of the Cold War and how the US
    > >public felt about those games? Many many matches in football (Man
    > >U/Liverpool, Rangers/Celtic, Milan/Inter, BArcelona/Real Madrid,
    > >England/Germany, England/Scotland, England/Argentina, Germany/Holland
    > >etc. etc.) generate that kind of local, regional and national feeling as
    > >those games did for the US.
    >Tribal and xenophobic behaviors are just that, regardless of how masked.
    >Today's soccer players are tomorrow's universal soldiers.
    I wonder if American foosball (obscure _Waterboy_ reference) could be
    considered *civilized* in comparison to the Brits and Euros and their rabid
    devotion to soccer.

    Seriously though, I have recently dabbled very superficially into some
    heraldry. One symbol, the fleur-de-lis, has French connections and is found
    on the helmet of the NFL's New Orleans Saints. It might be said that herldry
    lives on the helmets of football teams and other ornaments seen in sports,
    but this is coming from a mere Yank dilettante who knows next to nothing
    about the fine British art of heraldry. Fascinating craft none-the-less, wih
    some cultural evolutionary implications perhaps.

    The pelican in her piety is another cool symbol. Kinda graphic with her
    tearing at her chest (vulning?) to feed her young.

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