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Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 15:00:13 BST

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    > Philip Jonkers

    > There must be some sociological reason for
    > people taking up arms like that since they are prevalent all
    > over the globe. Perhaps it's an expression
    > of our natural lust for (tribal) warfare (survival of the
    > fittest, the `it's either him or me' attitude) when we're
    > lacking it now through modern-day society's inhibiting action
    > (law, ethics, social control, etc.)
    > It's seems to be our biological drive for animosity
    > still calling the cards. Jerks from tucked away,
    > long `forgotten' vestiges of brutal ancestry?

    Or perhaps it is motivated by the desire to sell tickets, increase TV
    viewership, player popularity and commercial endorsements? The public gets
    sucked in by being told that the game is important and has national

    Frankly, who cares about England-Germany? (Or Washington Redskins-San Diego
    Chargers?) The world is neither a worse or better place for whatever the
    results were. It makes no difference.

    I did love the Hollywood-spoof that someone posted earlier here. LOL! And
    continuing apologies to the UK for the submarine Enigma rescue
    misrepresentation on behalf of _many_ Americans who are embarrassed by
    Hollywood's chauvinism (to say nothing of its cliche-ridden naivete and
    misuse of massive fianncial resources).


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