FW: England humour

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Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 12:33:41 BST

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    A very quick, very sharp joke (a bit like the revocation of independence
    joke that went around after the Bore/Gush election debacle).

    With apologies to our friends across the pond....

    > __________________________________________________________
    > LATEST NEWS...
    > Subject: FW: CNN Newsflash...And there's more...
    > And the full story:
    > Hollywood to make film of Munich Victory
    > Universal Pictures announced today they plan to make a film of the
    > momentous football match that took place on Saturday. "Five-One"
    > is the tentative title of what could be next year's big summer hit,
    > depicting the American national soccer team's stunning victory over
    > Germany.
    > Nicolas Cage heads an all star cast as the captain of the brave US
    > Soccer team haunted by the trauma of losing in the 2000 World Cup
    > final on penalties and the death of his wife in a riot caused by
    > English football hooligans, and finds love in the arms of a female
    > sports journalist played by Julia Roberts.
    > Mel Gibson is the no-nonsense Swedish coach wholeads them
    > to glory, with Keanu Reeves, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Will
    > Smith playing some of Cage's heroic team mates.
    > Jeremy Irons is set to star as Sir Nigel Villiers-Smythe, the
    > dastardly Englishman who coaches the German team and forces them
    > to play with poisoned-tipped studs to try and cheat the heroic
    > American team out of victory.
    > Director Steven Spielberg defended the film-makers' decision to focus
    > on the American contribution to the victory over Germany and
    > inaccurate and even imagined events in the story, saying, "Obviously
    > we've had to take some artistic licence to make the story work on film,
    > but I hope that what we produce will be true to the spirit of what
    > happened on that famous night."

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