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Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 14:23:24 BST

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    Dear fellow memetics-list members,

    I noticed you guys (haven't witnessed any girls yet, sorry to say)
    are quite educated and well read, judging from the frequent
    reference to books on the list. I would like to exploit this fact
    by asking each one of you what your favorite books are.

    That is, please cite the titles of the books you learned
    the most from. Also give a brief reason why please.
    The last year I've become very interested in evolutionary
    theory (biology, memetics, universal), intelligence and
    neuroscience and am very eager to learn about these topics.
    However, I have this problem that I don't read very quickly.
    This forces me to be rather picky in choosing what books to read.

    So, I would appreciate it if I could tap into your experience by
    learning what books were most useful to you.

    The books I've read or still are reading, include:
    The Meme-Machine (Blackmore)
    The Selfish Gene (Dawkins)
    Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Dennett)
    How The Mind Works (Pinker)
    The Origin Of Species (Darwin)

    Thanks much in advance,


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