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    Hi Lawrence.

    > Good morning, Ted,
    > I'm asking a somewhat simpler question: Are you saying that _organisms_
    > 'resonate' with previous similar organisms electromagnetically, or
    > gravitationally?

    Organisms resonate morphically, according to similarity of form, not
    similarity of charge, as in electromagnetic resonance.

    > While masses attract each other gravitationally, does this
    > mean that they 'resonate' in any way? And if you call this 'resonance',
    > you saying that gravity somehow links the organisms in a way that affects
    > their physiologic evolution?

    While there's a certain overlap in the concepts of attraction and resonance,
    what makes MR comparable to gravity and electromagnetism is that they all
    involve action at a distance.

    Of the four "fundamental" forces, only electromagnetism has any kind of
    significant application in the range of sizes covered by organisms. EM is
    the "glue" that holds the body together. But neither this nor chemistry nor
    simple mechanics can explain why organic structures take the particular
    forms they do. If organisms resonate with each other based on form instead
    of charge, then they fall under the influence of whatever preceding
    organisms they most closely resemble, giving them a kind of "holistic


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