RE: Words From Our Sponsor: A Jeweler Commissions a Novel

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Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 14:04:04 BST

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    On 09/04/01 06:31, Lawrence DeBivort said this-

    >Murdoch -- ugh.
    >I do like your suggestion, Wade, that product association with nasty
    >characters might backfire. I consciously boycott some products based on
    >their objectionable presentation in commercials/ads.

    'Twas our Vincent who made that cogent observation about vileness and
    brand usage, and the possible litigational chances. I'm sure there are
    lawyers even now grinding out torts, or whatever the hell they grind out
    in speculative fury.

    I've also inculcated myself to avoid products whose advertising methods
    annoy me, a practice I learned at my mother's knee, since she would never
    purchase the 'Ring around the collar' detergent.

    But, soon I may have to stop buying anything.

    - Wade

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