RE: Words From Our Sponsor: A Jeweler Commissions a Novel

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Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 11:31:22 BST

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    No such thing as a free lunch...true, I regretfully suppose. Is it not
    important to know who is selling it? Was the Bulgari sponsorship disclosed
    in the book, or was it meant by the author and publisher to remain secret?
    If there is adequate disclosure, I suppose the ethical issue is largely
    addressed, but if not the deception deserves condemnation. Murdoch -- ugh.
    I do like your suggestion, Wade, that product association with nasty
    characters might backfire. I consciously boycott some products based on
    their objectionable presentation in commercials/ads.

    The most egregious example of product placement that I can think of off-hand
    is FedEx and the movie Cast Away. Apple seems to be limiting their
    placement of Mac laptops to the 'smart guy' in movies.

    - Lawrence

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    > Hi Vincent Campbell -
    > >> "It is like the billboarding of the novel," said Letty Cottin Pogrebin,
    > >> president of the Authors Guild. "I feel as if it erodes reader
    > confidence
    > >> in the authenticity of the narrative. It adds to the cynicism.
    > >> Does this character really drive a Ford or did Ford pay for this?"
    > Back in my James Bond reading days (and smoking days), I was very happy
    > to think I might one day get to Morlands and order myself a custom blend
    > of cigarettes. Or drive a Bentley.
    > But, yeah, those were things the character used, and, in more than a few
    > ways, it was one of the definitions of that character.
    > The FBI TV show, a Quinn Martin Production, was sponsored by Ford (I
    > think), and that meant, literally, that the _only_ brand of cars you ever
    > saw were Ford models. It made for a strange dislocation, not seeing a
    > Chevy, or a Chrysler, or anything else, anywhere.
    > It may have been Breakfast at Tiffany's, but there ain't no such thing as
    > a free lunch.
    > - Wade

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