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Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 17:31:19 BST

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    I've been playing an interesting mind-game:

    How would you build a clock that would last 10,000 years? (It may throw
    some light on the longevity area of memes.)

    Generally, my sense would be that the memetic impact of the physical
    deterioration of the memetic medium will be insigificant compared to the
    deterioration or evolution a meme is likely to suffer from (effective or
    semi-effective) counter-memes.

    - Lawrence

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    > Am I incorrect in suggesting that the advantage of CDs/DVDs is that unlike
    > vinyl or tape, they do not, or at a much reduced rate, wear out on use?
    > Hence they will last longer and the audio/video will remain crisper for
    > longer than earlier a/v recording technologies.
    > For text recording, on the other hand, stone seems to pretty good (better
    > than paper, parchment or papyrus for longevity certainly).
    > Vincent

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