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    I'd like to thank T.J. Olney for sparking my interest in Gregory Bateson.
    His enormous compilation _Steps to an Ecology of Mind_ (1987. Jason Aronson
    Inc. New Jersey) has been lengthy, difficult to comprehend in parts, but
    still fascinating. I kinda like his take on Jung's pleroma / creatura
    distinction stemming from J.'s epistemological crisis (aka creative illness)
    and the way it allied with Kant's phenomenal / noumenal distinction. I'll
    probably not look at the opaque *Septem Sermones ad Mortuos* the same again.

    I'm just starting Adam Kuper's _The Chosen Primate_ (1994. Harvard
    University Press. Cambridge, Massacusetts). Some of you may be familiar with
    Kuper's contribution "If memes are the answer, what is the question?" in the
    recent compilation _Darwinizing Culture_ (2000. Oxford University Press.
    Oxford. edited by Robert Aunger).

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