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Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 12:55:33 BST

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    Subject: Some Light relief
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    Ok I've got a problem with the major organised religions (get in line
    mate, they shout from the wings). The problem is, they all have fairly
    elaborate washing ceremonies. So can we really say that all competing
    religions died out through typhoid, or that the inheritance of later
    religions from their precursors (judaism+ -> christianity + islam) for
    some reason just included this? (Yes, but...)

    Because my alternative (the light relief) is aliens. When aid workers go
    to some countries the main thing they push is water quality and washing,
    because it's a simple and effective change to engineer. If aliens were
    doing parasociological engineering on us (as experiment, or 'aid'),
    they'd probably put that in there (go on, have a wash, it's great).

    Taking off shoes, washing hands, you often have to have a full (if now
    brief and rather stylised) bath to be a christian (dunno about the

    Also we have to factor in the other 'funny business':
    The Jews had a super weapon (the ark - they never lost a battle with it
    in train),
    The Christians had a super hero (who mysteriously couldn't perform his
    miracles on demand, but did quite well turning that into a virtue),
    The muslims also appear to have had a super weapon (their army held for
    weeks against all comers),

    Now I know a lot of stuff is basically seismic (all that santorini
    stuff, the fact that Jericho was on a fault line etc.) but that only
    covers some of the odd things.

    Then there's Moses' son et lumiere while getting the 'tablets carved
    from stone' (by?), all those people 'ascending to heaven' in various
    pillars of light and fire, loads of art with funny flyin flaming
    chariots (including the hindu mahabharata [cannot spell that]) all sorts
    of prophets doing funny stuff...

    All to push religions trying to promote altruism, consideration and
    stability. Sort of a galactic IMF/UN?

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