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Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 19:40:51 BST

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    > > Our somatic perception is in some way related to the holistic,
    > > field-based organization of the body. Think that's weird? How
    > > about a postcentral homunculus?
    > >
    > > We don't live in our brains. We're not all nice and snug in a little
    > > with a TV in the occipital lobe and a stereo in the temporal lobe. Our
    > > mental life can't be reduced to the brain any more than our bodies can
    > > reduced to our genes.>
    > >
    > If you want a holistic notion of our experience you can have it, you
    > just don't need weird fields to do it. I believe they even produce little
    > models of humans based upon the amount of brain activity related to our
    > senses (very big hands, and facial features are large too).
    > Vincent

    Yes, we have a map of the body in the postcentral gyrus. The question is
    whether this merely facilitates our perception of our bodies or whether we
    consist of homunculi inhabiting our brains and perceiving the map instead of
    the real thing. The latter option is implied by standard, reductionist


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