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Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 12:25:19 BST

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    > Of course whether fish really have culture or memes is, I suspect, a matter
    > of some contention.

    I think animal memes (bird/whale song, tool use etc.) deserve as serious
    consideration as any others; given that, I would agree that if (for
    example) offspring learned their sexual preference from their parent's
    colouration (as some insects remember the 'smell' of their larval host
    plant, to which they return to procreate, resulting in assortative
    mating), then these are memes - little packets of information with
    associated behaviours, however they are stored (write-once, rewritable,
    even genetic - I'd argue that even the genetically controlled behaviours
    can be memes, just an older wood-burning version).

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