Re: Coordinated behavior among birds, fish, and insects

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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 16:09:04 BST

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    > I don't think memetics and MR are linked, but when one looks at
    > other theories of cultural evolution and critiques of memetics, they tend to
    > have the same kind of rhetoric that critics of MR on this list have, namely
    > the argument of why do you need theory 'X' to explain phenomena already
    > (arguably) explainable by other, empirically established theories. Now,
    > before everyone jumps down my throat, I don't think memetics is on anywhere
    > near as shaky ground as MR, but there are those who make this kind of
    > argument (e.g. evolutionary psychology people who reckon they've got culture
    > sussed etc.). I think proponents of memetics have more potential in the
    > long run to counter those kind of criticisms than the MR crowd (not least
    > because first, unlike MR, it proposes a mechanism which is in principle
    > empirically testable, and second it doesn't refute established bodies of
    > empirical data).

    Yeah, it irritates me when that criticism is deployed (such as 'already
    done it another way') - a worthy evolutionary biologist said just that
    again, in a book review in nature just a week or two ago.
    Cue the rant:

    The selling point of memetics is that it is a unifying theory, from the
    smallest building blocks of behaviour right up to sociology and history.
    That is why it is worthwhile (why not go for a GUT for the behavioural
    sciences). That's after all one of the three rules for a modeller -
    'explains more' (the others being 'explains better' and 'explains with

    Actually, there's a rule four - 'this looks like rock hard maths and I
    can say whatever I want now'.

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