RE: Spoiled Reward-Pathway Hypothesis

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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 14:18:14 BST

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    Subject: RE: Spoiled Reward-Pathway Hypothesis
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    >There is also the social allowance of the addict within human culture, a
    >co-dependency, if you will, and the profit motive on the part of pushers
    >and dealers. Whether or not there is sufficient motive from the brain
    >could be somewhat answered by making an intoxicant freely available to a
    >chimpanzee tribe, for instance. (I suspect it is only in the chimps best
    >interest that none of their number has figured out how to ferment
    >alcohol....) In early hunter-gatherer societies the drug addict was the
    >shaman, also totally culturally allowed, and many rituals involved
    >intoxications, and were scheduled.

    Given the fact that (some) people are prone to become
    addicts it is likely that other people (service providers)
    emerge and thrive who can exploit that niche. That is,
    drug-users vs. drug-dealers/pushers;
    gamblers vs. casino exploiters;
    sex-addicts vs. pimps and hookers;
    alcoholic vs. bar-exploiter and liquor-seller;
    In a twisted sense, these are symbiotic relationships.

    The symbioses is allowed for if its service providers continue
    to have or assume an important place in society. Such as the
    early shamans or nowadays bar-keepers.

    The suggestion about the chimps being fed with drugs is
    interesting but I think the outcome will be a grim one.
    Once the tribe has become hooked, my prognosis
    is that the tribe will perish away as there meagerly defended
    and restocked resources will be taken from them by competing
    sober and more vital tribes.


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