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    > [P]resent and past are
    > NOT two sides of the same coin; the present is where we are
    > (check Husserl's theory of the eternal present, in which we remain
    > within our own here/now subjectivity as stimuli enter and leave our
    > perceptual modalities); the past is where we are no longer and the
    > future is where we are not yet.

    That you employ "where" in reference to time demonstrates that you
    understand it only in terms of space. You're thinking pragmatically instead
    of philosophically. Sundials and calendars and clock faces are certainly
    useful in day-to-day life, but time is not a function of space. A second is
    not the amount of space covered by a light beam. That's just how we measure
    it. Time is not the same as its measurement. To measure something is to
    convert it into an abstraction. Time is real.


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