The Assumption of Omniscience by the True Believer

Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 08:03:13 BST

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    Subject: The Assumption of Omniscience by the True Believer
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            <It's for these reasons that Sheldrake doesn't offer this sort of
    > as conclusive evidence for MR. It should be noted, however, that
    > trainers and ranchers who wrote to him usually stated that they
    > didn't
    > see how any factors outside the animals themselves could
    explain their
    > amazing improvements.>

            That's the argument from ignorance again. You see it in Ufology
    too, when pilots see weird lights that they say was not like any
    they've ever seen, as though their field of experience and
    knowledge is
    complete enough. That's not evidence of anything except
    something we're all
    subject to, and that is incomplete knowledge.

    Joe (me):
    This points out another attribute of true believers; they travel from
    the premise that they cannot see a way other than their pet just-so
    story that an observed phenomenon can happen/exist to the
    conclusion that that particular phenomenon must be an example of
    the occurence or instantiation of the consequences of their just-so
    story demonstrated in the empirical world. The unmentioned and
    hidden fallacious premise is, of course, the assumed omnicient (all-
    knowing) perspective of the true believer and/or his/her particular
    guru, so that if they can't grok or wrap their minds around other
    ways besides the ones their memetic filters permit them to see by
    which the phenomenon might be explained (in some cases even
    when others are proffered), then such other ways cannot (for them)

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