Sheldrake on senescence and cell death

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Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 04:21:05 BST

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    Subject: Sheldrake on senescence and cell death
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    Since I was gonna delve into the archives of _Nature_ with Waddington's 1941
    article "Evolution of developmental systems" (Nature (147): 108-10) I
    decided to get some of Sheldrake's old stuff. His 1974 article "The ageing,
    growth and death of cells (Nature (250): 381-5) seems innocuous enogh with
    no trace of morphic resonance that I could discern. There's also a couple
    brief articles from 1968 and 1972 respectively on auxin in plants. He had
    published in other journals previous to his books on morphic resonance and
    formative causation, but I haven't gotten around to these yet, concentrating
    on what was in _Nature_.

    Sheldrake AR and Northcote DH. 1968. Production of auxin by detached leaves.
    Nature (217): 195

    Sheldrake AR. 1972. Polar auxin transport in leaves of monocotyledons.
    Nature (238): 352-3

    Waddington's article was pretty cool as he talked about Richard
    Goldschmidt's heretical _The Material Basis of Evolution_.

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