FW: Petition against 'religious cleansing'

From: Vincent Campbell (v.p.campbell@stir.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 10:24:07 BST

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    Subject: FW: Petition against 'religious cleansing'
    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 10:24:07 +0100
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    A colleague passed this on to me, and I thought that by posting to the list
    it would maximise the possible contributors.

    It's a bit late given that the Taleban did this months ago, and have been
    hassling christian aid agencies more recently.

    Without wanting to diminish the intent of this message, in relation to list
    topics- is the petition the best form of chain letter (in the sense of
    getting people to sign up and pass it on)?

    Vincent (with thoughts for all those subject to religious intolerance)

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    > Subject: FW: Petition against 'religious cleansing'
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    > Subject: Petition against 'religious cleansing'
    > On May 23rd 2001 the Taleban authorities in Afghanistan confirmed
    > that all Hindus will be required to wear a strip of yellow cloth sewn
    > onto
    > a shirt pocket in order to identify themselves. They claim that the
    > measure is for their "protection". The world has faced this before, in
    > 1939 the world was required, at great cost, to rid itself of Hitler's
    > tyranny, it is not hard to spot his child. Those who fail to learn from
    > history are condemned to relive it. The Taleban's record on respecting
    > other religions gives great cause for concern that their ultimate aim,
    > upon which theyare intent, is "religious cleansing". They have already
    > demonstrated their disdain and intolerance for other religions and
    > traditions by the desecration and destruction of the ancient Buddhist
    > statues, our collective heritage, within Afghanistan. Whatever your
    > religion, or even if you have none, we hope that you will agree that this
    > fundamentally wrong. Remember,"All it takes for evil to triumph is for
    > good
    > men to do nothing".Please do not do nothing, add your voice.>DIRECTIONS:
    > PLEASE COPY this email on to a newmessage,>add your name and those of
    > your
    > household who wish to>participate to the bottom and forward it to
    > everyoneon your>distribution list. If you receive this petition andyou
    > find that you>will>be the 251st name on it, please e-mail a copy of
    > itto:
    > <"mailto:alastair@om"><mailto:alastair@omint.com> alastair@omint.com . It
    > will then be forwarded to the UN. Pleasethen delete all>the names, add
    > your own as the 1st and pass it on.>>Even if you decide not to sign,
    > please be considerateand do not kill>the petition as you will be denying
    > your friends, andtheirs, their>legitimate voice. Instead return it
    > toalastair@om-int.com>>To The Secretary General, Security Council
    > andGeneral Assembly>of the United Nations. We the undersigned are
    > appalled by the decision of the Taleban government of Afghanistan to
    > require all Hindus to wear a piece of yellow cloth sewn onto a shirt
    > pocket in order to identify themselves. An individual's communion with
    > God,however they find him, is a matter of personal conscience and must not
    > be the subject of intimidation or persecution. The right of everyone to
    > worship as they wish is fundamental and inalienable. The United Nations
    > was founded in order to defeat Hitler and his henchmen who required the
    > same from another religion with all it's horrific consequences. It is
    > completely unacceptable that nearly 60 years later history is repeating
    > itself. We ask the following: 1. That the Taleban government is made
    > aware in the strongest possible terms that the world will not
    > countenancethis perversion of human rights.2. That prior to the United
    > Nations and/or it's constituent members granting recognition of the
    > Taleban government this obscene policy (and the many others the Taleban
    > government has formed over the past years) is reversed.3. That the United
    > Nations widen the terms of the trade sanctions currently in force.>>1.
    > Alastair Mitton - London UK>2. Robert Mitton - London UK>3. Paulette Budd
    > - London UK>4. Andrew Peake - London UK>5. Pippa Howell - London UK>6.
    > Cecile Kusters - Arnhem, the Netherlands>7. Sarah Malpas - London UK>8.
    > Susan Donnelly - Newcastle UK>9. Paul Donnelly - London UK>10. Pauline
    > Bartholomew - London UK>11. Isobel McMillan London UK>12. Fiona
    > Adamson>13. Minka Emina Kulenovic La Jolla, US>14. Cath Dolan, London,
    > England>15. Liz Murphy, Murcia, Spain>16. William M. Rueter, Wisconsin,
    > US>17. Jaclyn A. Knapper, Tennessee, US>18. Louise Morris, Tennessee,
    > US>19. Joe Stoud, Matsuyama, Japan>20. Keiko Stroud, Matsuyama,
    > Japan>21.Larry Asher, Nepal>22. Phyl Asher, Nepal>23. Reiny de Wit,
    > Nepal>24. Helen Johnston, Nepal>25. Isaac Thompson, Northern Ireland>26.
    > Anne Thompson, Northern Ireland>27. Paul Carter, Vancouver, Canada>28.
    > Lois Carter, Vancouver, Canada>29. Bronwyn Short, Vancouver, Canada>30.
    > David Short, Vancouver, Canada>31. Mark Calder, Sydney, Australia>32.
    > Graham Wintle, Surbiton, UK>33. Geoff Chivers, Surbiton, UK>34. Derek
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    > Nick Philippou, USA>46. Eddie Roche, USA>47. Stephen Huvane, Los Angeles,
    > USA>48. Craig Young, Los Angeles, USA>49. Kate Shore; London, UK>50.
    > Jennie Long, London, UK>51 Randip Basra, UK>52 Zoltan Abbott, London
    > UK>53. Nicole Aebi, London, UK>54. Suzanne Hoefkens, London, UK>55.
    > Gerard Omasta-Milsom, London, UK>56. Rebecca.Rosen, UK>57. Will Anderson,
    > UK>58. Ford Hickson, London, UK.>60. Chris Bonell, London, UK>61. Siwan
    > Lloyd Hayward, London, UK>62. Peter Barnett, London, UK>63. Julie Angove,
    > Hertfordshire, UK>64. David Angove, Yorkshire, UK>65. Sarah Angove,
    > Pas-de-Calais, France66. Heidi Smith, UK67. Peter McSheffrey, UK68.
    > Kathleen Stock, Leeds, UK 69. Gregor Beedie, Leeds, UK 70. Lee Chalmers,
    > Kingston, UK 71. Kris Jozajtis, Stirling, UK. 72. Will Dinan, Stirling,
    > UK>73.
    Vincent Campbell, Stirling, UK>74.

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