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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 21:40:58 BST

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    Hi all,

    Due to a lot of work I will answer any post in a proper way at a later date.
    Thanks for the understanding !
    This does not mean I will step back, I just don 't have the time right now
    to engage myself into a discussion at depth.
    I will be back, I hope with the weekend.
    I will keep track....


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    From: Dace <>
    > > Kenneth wrote:
    > > > Environmental selection was/is
    > > > acted upon us by external agencies, they influence(d) something. That
    > > > has always been the tricky part, isn 't it !? Influenced by what,
    > > > emotions, environmental constrains and restrains !? Selected by what
    > > > !? Pressures !? Which ones, Joe !? Emotions, constrains and restrains
    > > >
    > > Influenced by CONTIGUOUS (that's touching) environmental
    > > situations, ones that are obsevable, describable and measurable,
    > > not by some frigging woo-woo seance-master drawing-down-the-mo-
    > > -jo astral fantasy line.
    > What's with this obsession with contiguous causation? Contact mechanics
    > disappeared from physics in the 19th century. There's no contact
    > in the orbits of the planets. There's no contact mechanics in the
    > transmission of signals across electromagnetic fields. What Sheldrake and
    > Goodwin are trying to do, in their different ways, is to bring biology up
    > date with physics. Faraday was considered a nut until Maxwell came along
    > and proved his theory mathematically. Physics has already undergone the
    > painful transition to uncertainty and chaos. Unfortunately, biology has
    > been slower to adapt to the new, more demanding terrain.

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