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    > Kenneth wrote:
    > > Environmental selection was/is
    > > acted upon us by external agencies, they influence(d) something. That
    > > has always been the tricky part, isn 't it !? Influenced by what,
    > > emotions, environmental constrains and restrains !? Selected by what
    > > !? Pressures !? Which ones, Joe !? Emotions, constrains and restrains
    > >
    > Influenced by CONTIGUOUS (that's touching) environmental
    > situations, ones that are obsevable, describable and measurable,
    > not by some frigging woo-woo seance-master drawing-down-the-mo-
    > -jo astral fantasy line.

    What's with this obsession with contiguous causation? Contact mechanics
    disappeared from physics in the 19th century. There's no contact mechanics
    in the orbits of the planets. There's no contact mechanics in the
    transmission of signals across electromagnetic fields. What Sheldrake and
    Goodwin are trying to do, in their different ways, is to bring biology up to
    date with physics. Faraday was considered a nut until Maxwell came along
    and proved his theory mathematically. Physics has already undergone the
    painful transition to uncertainty and chaos. Unfortunately, biology has
    been slower to adapt to the new, more demanding terrain.


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