Re: Spoiled Reward-Pathway Hypothesis

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Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 12:26:44 BST

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    Subject: Re: Spoiled Reward-Pathway Hypothesis
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    > It's a cost-benefit analysis; when fermented barries are the only (or
    > the major) source of food available, the collateral damage some
    > drunken birds do to themselves could be much less than the
    > massive die-off afflicting starving flocks. Of course, selection
    > pressures would progressively weed out those birds unable to
    > handle their liquor, the ones who could handle it would live to
    > reproduce, and subsequent generations would find the equation
    > more and more in favor of the berry-eating stoners.

    I always thought that the poster drug of the hippy mindset (marijuana)
    got a much better image than it deserves - this nasty little plant drugs
    its victims, knackering their reaction time and again making them
    eminently predatable. I myself have on occasion been left completely
    unprepared for sabre tooth tiger attacks. Suddenly I want a Snickers...

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