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    > Bergson asks us to think of time in terms of a pond. There's no absolute
    > separation between the surface of a pond and its depths. Yet we go around
    > speaking of the "surface" and the "depths" as if they were two different
    > things.

    Surface - air-water interface.
    Depths - below surface.

    Current - happening now, instantly part of the past.
    Past - things that have happened.

    There is a difference between the past and the present - you can argue
    that we're passing along the fourth dimension of space-time thingy, but
    MR would be the index case of something from the past having *any*
    existence in the present. This is a bigger question than development,
    because you're positing the passage of information from the past,
    direct. So are we talking about some undiscovered continually existent
    store of info (so where do we start looking), or are we talking about
    access to information direct from the past?

    Books etc. don't count, because they are in the present as well as the
    past (sort of a concrete version of option one in the last paragraph). I
    don't refer to the past existence of a book, I look at it's presence in
    the present. Btw, to what extent do allegedly MR-influenced items refer
    to the past, and to what extent to other contemporary instances of the

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