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Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 11:54:57 BST

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    Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: Chris Taylor <>
    > : Re: Morphic fields
    > If an organism is at a certain size scale, it must do certain things because
    > of the way the world is. These, as you say, are constants, as much a
    > property of the universe as a vortex round a plughole, therefore outside the
    > realms of which you speak. If he's 'branched out' into MR, which I'm not
    > sure that he has, then that's a pity.
    > Hi Chris,
    > This may sound as a daft question, but are you talking about Goodwin
    > here or about people in general !?

    First bit, general; last bit, Goodwin only.

    > If it would be the last, would that than mean, in a sense, that we humans
    > have no free will due that we must do certain things because of the way
    > the world is !?
    > Morphic realm or not, if structures whatever they may be are constants
    > that would undermine our understanding of free will, not !?

    Not in the sense that you mean - there are constant properties of the
    universe (effectively constant if you like). Structure of various
    crystals, boiling points of liquids, diffusion constants etc. These do
    not interfere with our (*apparent*) free will, which is operating at
    several levels above this. The physical constraints on computer design
    are only loosely linked to the capabilities of computers, if you see
    what I mean. I'd argue noone has truly free will anyway, but we already
    did that one a few months ago...

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