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    > > > Elegant explanations are not always
    > > > correct; otherwise we would embrace the elegant yet Occam-
    > > > violating explanation of a Master Designer intentionally sticking
    > > > those clumsy thumbs on pandas.
    > >
    > > To reject the Blind Designer is not necessarily to accept the Master
    > > Designer. I reject all concepts of an independent design, whether
    > > theological or chromosomal.
    > >
    > Chromosomes are not independent of the life forms in which they
    > are found, but part of them, and found in every cell of every existent
    > plant and animal.

    If they contain a design of the body, then there's a separation between the
    design and its execution. This anthropormphizes life, as if it works the
    same way human technicians operate. Designs are abstractions of the
    structures built according to them. Abstractions are a function of human
    consciousness. They don't belong in our cells. Sheldrake avoids this
    problem by asserting that an organism develops according to the body-plans
    of previous members of its species.


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