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Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 21:11:52 BST

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    From: Dace <>
    > > Someone asked New Scientist a few weeks back about any evidence for
    > > improvements amongst species in relation to other human development-
    > > particularly things like hedgehogs crossing roads. Little more than
    > > anecdotal evidence of people reckoning that rounf their way hedgehogs
    > > more canny about crossing the road without getting splattered by cars
    > > offered by other readers. (Maybe they've been secretly watching the
    > > safety ads for kids on UK TV that use animated hedgehogs crossing the
    > > safely....).
    > > Actual studies of this would be good for studies of animal learning,
    > > transmission by imitation (i.e. animal memes), and possibly an empirical
    > > test of MR as well.

    > There's tons of anecdotal evidence like this supporting morphic resonance.
    > Sheldrake has received a lot of mail from dog owners, falcon and horse
    > trainers, cattle ranchers, and dairy farmers regarding the progressive
    > improvement of each generation of animals in their ability to adapt to
    > innovative methods of training and management.

    Hi Vincent, Dace,

    In Belgium we built special tunnels for hedgehogs to cross the road
    safely. The animals, in order to learn where the tunnel is, are guided
    by the smell of food etc.
    We do the same for frogs.

    And by the way, Vincent, if you want to take part in such an experi-
    ment I believe one was running on Sheldrake's homepage.
    I don 't know if it still does.



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