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Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 17:28:23 BST

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    > Spooky action at a distance (which is influence in the absence of
    > contact or communication) works only for electron spin and
    > gravitation, but not for transmitting complex configurational
    > information in the complete and utter absence of any evidence
    > whatsoever of there existing either a transmitter or a receiver of
    > same. Random mutation and environmental selection works for
    > genes; both random and directed (intentional ) mutation and both
    > inadvertent and consciously aware selection works for memes.

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry, but electrons and gravity are as spooky action and stuff as
    influence is ! There is no difference !
    Environmental selection was/is acted upon us by external agencies,
    they influence(d) something.
    That has always been the tricky part, isn 't it !? Influenced by what,
    emotions, environmental constrains and restrains !?
    Selected by what !?
    Pressures !? Which ones, Joe !? Emotions, constrains and restrains ?

    Orthodox theory proclaims that behavior is ' programmed ' or is
    ' coded ' into the genes and that new formats are caused by random
    mutations. And it seems, according the same theory, there are no
    limits to what can be explained by those random accidental mutations.
    And it seems now, that those mutations are not only random but are
    than again being selected as just the right stuff at the right place at
    the right time !?
    Ok, if nature works in that way !!

    But, genetic changes are due to influence behavior, so it seems that
    natural selection will lead to changes in the gene- pool of populations.
    But, according to morphic theory, " the choise to choose for natural
    selection " is a morphic field. Natural selection seemed to be the right
    method and is that ever since.
    Is the choise to choose natural selection ' natural selected ' !?
    Acknowledgement of that fact, seeing thru ' that fact, understand the
    fact would help you to understand in how far memes can control the
    way you think.

    And that is one reason why I have doubts, but I stay open minded !!



    ( I am, because we are)

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