Re: "Newage sewage"

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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 20:20:22 BST

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    Hi Scott Chase -

    >Looking at this link:
    >it looks like the author realizes there's more behind the engram than what
    >it seemed above.

    Well, yeah- because he was more saying that Hubbard wrung this term
    'engram' in his own fury of neologistic psychosis.

    But then, clams will be clams.

    >>>'Morphic resonance' (MR) is put forth as if it were an empirical term,
    >>>but it is no more empirical than 'engram', L. Ron Hubbard's term for the
    >>>source of all mental and physical illness.

    Glomming onto scientific terms and distorting them massively is a
    standard operation procedure of the crank.

    - Wade

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