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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 20:01:34 BST

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    > Wrongo, boyo; when those sheep genes were injected in that
    > empty ovum and Dolly resulted, that's what logical, rational and
    > reasonable people (excluding enthralled memebots) would consider
    > proof. God-juice, on the other hand, has never been isolated, much
    > less employed. That you would equate these to demonstrates a
    > level of naivete that education may be unable to overcome, or else
    > a willful disregard for facts that your morphic filter squeams at.

    << Yes, but what " real science " did not exept to find was that Dolly
    got the symptoms after some time of a much older sheep !!
    Dolly was never young, she was born old !!
    Where do you place now the genetic absoluteness !?
    Circumstancial again !?

    IMO, the genes where Dolly was created out had already worn out.
    You can 't make something young was old by beginning.
    Genes did not fold up correctly in a sense, they fold up in an already
    over time changed expressinal manner.
    Did anyone look for expressed acquired characteristics/ behavior by
    Dolly !?
    I suspect not.



    ( I am, because we are)

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