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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 19:48:36 BST

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    > From: Dace <>
    > The meme for genetic determinism is nested
    > > within the meme for deterministic thinking in general, which is nested
    > > within the meme for nature-as-machine, which is nested within the meme
    > > anthropomorphosis. That is, we tend to project ourselves onto nature.
    > > modern times, this manifests in a projection of human technology onto
    > > nature. The idea that nature has a machine-like predictability has
    > > to resurrect the ancient meme of "fate," which has since manifested in
    > terms
    > > of genetics.
    > << Very good point !!
    > Mine exactly and the one which why I still doubt the absoluteness of
    > genetic determinism according to the heritable aspect of the concept.
    > It could be all a case of memetic- like nesting.
    > Wade, I think, wrote once, Darwin dangerous idea would be just that
    > we ought to think that his idea is the right way to follow.
    > But Darwin 's idea came from out a human perspective ( descriptive) and
    > perhaps this not what Nature intented.
    > > I've never tried to apply the morphic model to memes before. This
    > is
    > > certainly better than the post I fired off last night under the heading
    > > "morphic memes." Definitely a work in progress.
    > << My first steps in memetics were inspired by the notion of the morphic
    > model. In a sense you can 1_ switch memes for morphic fields and vice
    > versa and 2_ see memes as the neurological outcome of the working of
    > morphic fields.
    > Best,
    > Kenneth
    > ( I am, because we are) back to we started from

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