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Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 10:37:12 BST

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    Yeah but...

    Although Goodwin goes on about phenotypic inheritance and info from
    outside the genome (mitochondria, whatever thet funny little thing that
    phenotypically inherited its pellicle was), these are direct and
    measurable effects, passing info *directly* from one generation to the
    next, contiguously. There is no need for an ancient referent there.

    As for the 'biologists throw their hands up' snippet from the mag, I
    think they're just acknowledging that the interactions between genes can
    be wildly nonlinear (1) and that (2) we still don't know about all the
    extended effects of all our genes. Using field theories in developmental
    biology is fine, but those fields are (almost exclusively) made up of
    concentration gradients of gene products, set up by diffusion or
    frequently by cytoskeletal transport, and no (uh-oh) developmental
    biologist would say otherwise.

    Modellers do use fields as a shortcut (nothing wrong with that as any
    mean-field-approximating physicist will attest) but these approximations
    have no independent reality.

    The whole thing (MF) still seems too elaborate really, I mean, doesn't
    it imply that there are time bridges that are presumably exploitable?
    Should we not be able to find out what dinosaurs really looked like if
    we could tap into this etherial thing (I'm not ridiculing, just trying
    to explore the scope of the implications - would be cool actually,
    finally kill off 'walking with dinosaurs'[ack]).

    Also, while you're here, I didn't get a good answer to the MF version of
    descent with modification...

    Cheers Ted, Chris.
    (again, good solo scrap!)

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