Re: Gene-Meme Co-evolution in Reverse?

From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 16:32:31 BST

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    Subject: Re: Gene-Meme Co-evolution in Reverse?
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    Quoting Chris Taylor <>:

    > PJ (liberally snipped):
    > > Based on the previous conjectures it follows that cultural people
    > > will decrease in numbers while biological people increase in
    > numbers.
    > > As this hypothesis rests on Blackmore's, confirmation
    > > of the former serves as supporting evidence for the latter too.
    > >
    > > ps. Let the record show that I have no interest in supporting
    > malevolent
    > > ideologies which disrespect human life. Therefore, do not dare to
    > suspect
    > > any eugenic motives or sentiments behind me posting this,
    > > I'm on an inspirational high that's all...
    > Well, three generations back from me, one of my ancestors shovelled
    > shit
    > for a living; basically 90% of my family are working class as hell
    > (whatever that means these days), but I'm now Dr Taylor. There's hope
    > for the life of the mind yet I think. What cracks me up is reading
    > about
    > the screaming abdabs the british (inter alia) fin de siecle 'liberals'
    > had about universal (for men) suffrage (let *them* vote?!). We're
    > always
    > alright in the end.

    Same story over here Chris, my folks and theirs are al factory
    workers, housewifes and fishermen. Well maybe there was the
    occasional teacher or clerk. Anyway, I've become a doctor too.
    However, you and I may be rather exceptions to the rule or
    trend (which may yet have to set in). I think it's the
    statistically averaged picture that's decisive ultimately.


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