The 1st chicken or the 1st egg

Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 13:08:11 BST

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    Subject: The 1st chicken or the 1st egg
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    > And btw where did the *first* termite mound come from (and the
    > protein structures too)?

    As you well know, they evolved from earlier, more primitive

    The idea here, since you seem to need for it to be explained to
    you, is that there cannot be morphic resonance across mutations
    and transitions, since it, by definition, informs as to similarities, not
    differences. It's the same as the god argument (and who created
    god?); if morphic resonance was unnecessary for the first termite
    mounds ( or the first of anything), and it must have been since
    such was not available then, how can it possibly be that it is
    necessary for any successors, and if it is not, then why does
    Occam's Razor not apply? Short answer; Occam's Razor DOES
    apply, and it snips MR foolishness right off the skein.

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