Aunt Bee (Mayberry Revisited)

Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 13:02:26 BST

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    Subject: Aunt Bee (Mayberry Revisited)
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    > I've seen simulated paper wasps build complex nests despite
    > only having small simple locally applicable rule sets (consisting of
    > simple input=output pairs). Termites would be easy enough too.
    > didn't have decent computers and complexity theory to help him.

    This is the basic message of chaos theory. But the principle of
    from simplicity doesn't tell us why one simple egg becomes a
    complex ant,
    while another simple egg becomes a complex bee. This is why
    posits the genetic program and why Sheldrake posits morphic
    Organisms self-organize according to their resonance with
    previous, similar
    Genetics doesn't need to posit anything; the genes 9and the
    genetic differences) are there, and are now decodable - we're just
    concentrating on humans first. Hell, ants and bees don't even have
    the same number of chromosomes - not that a little detail like that
    would faze a true believer, who refuses to allow facts and logic to
    'lay a glove' on him.

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