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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 13:46:59 BST

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    Hi all,
    Something to help Dace in order to keep his cool,

    > Genes do not appear to contain instructions for the folding of proteins.
    > The very concept of "genetic instruction" is speculative. There is, as
    > no evidence to bolster it. Nucleic acid chains produce amino acid chains.

    << What about the search into ' stemcells' !?
    Bush did give his fiat to do tests with these cells in order to fight
    Like Dace said, we do not yet know how cells fold up in the way they do
    and why they do it that way, despite the efforts of list members to prove
    otherwise. We do not yet known what makes a key a key and what
    makes a lock a lock.

    Saying it otherwise seems to indicate 2 things, one, the persons involved
    saying they know, knows about evidence where noone seems to know
    about and two, or that the persons involved themselves lack the knowledge
    and hypothise.
    Making up conclusions about things which are not yet explained in detail,
    (there was not even granted permission to use such cells ( not in all
    for investigations) is IMO trying to get the other(s) give up their search
    in what seems to me a good model to grasp memetics in its full.

    Giving now the opportunity to search why and how cells fold up in the
    way they do is IMO very important for memetics, not in the least to me
    In a sense we gonna finally be able to determine if memes are involved
    in the making of genes or not.
    If 1_ memes are functions of genes or 2_ if memes are inheritable by
    offspring or not will be determined there, once and for all.
    And in a way, the future of memetics hangs in the balance with what
    scientists come up with.

    If stemcells are basicly ' virginal ' and they are able to grow in the 40
    weeks of pregnancy in about 200 cellspieces which combined together
    make up one baby ( braincells/ bloodcells/ skincells etc) well one, we
    will be surprised and two we will be able to see if all our theories will
    fold up correctly.
    But we are a long way from setting up cultures of cells in labo 's in
    order to breed cells which will make up our brain or muscle tissue !!

    Best regards,


    ( I am, because we are) one more step closer

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