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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 11:53:09 BST

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    Hi Julio,

    In order to get info about Sheldrake and Goodwin, just link on their
    names on the Net. There are plenty of webpages according with what
    you ask.
    Here are a few trials,

    One on particular may interest you,

    ( where they make the connection between morphogenetic fields and



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    Subject: Sheldrake and Goodwin info

    > Dear Memetics list,
    > I'm trying to keep up with the discussion, but I confess I know
    > very little about Sheldrake's work with morphic fields/resonance or
    > Goodwin's morphogenetic attractors. I would greatly appreciate
    > suggestions and recommendations as to where I can get better acquainted
    > with these thinkers and concepts. I have a feeling my dissertation
    > research will benefit greatly from your help. Please respond on- or
    > off-list. Thanks in advance.

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