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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 20:19:17 BST

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    Hi Joe,
    You wrote,

    > Ted has mentioned both configurations (such as fish scale colors)
    > and actions (such as the opening of milk bottles by birds) as
    > possible examples of morphogenetic resonance. I consider the
    > first to be genetically determined and the second to be learned
    > behavior, but in no way can I conceive of such disparate examples
    > as issuing from a common cause.

    << Ok, I can agree on the first, but with the example of the birds, you
    ran into serious trouble if the notions which Dace provided us are true.
    I know of that specific example, and if indeed birds took up the habit
    after four years, and all the previous birds were long dead, how do you
    explain than that the new generation got hold of such a habit !?
    There were any birds left from where young ones could possible learn
    how to open milk bottles !

    Do you propose the possibility that somewhere in old England birds
    kept the habit somehow alive, and when the war was over flew over
    the Channel to instruct their friends, relatives and family in Holland how
    to open the bottles !?
    Or do you propose that somehow the habit was passed down to the
    offspring !?
    That would be my day, Joe, that you were insinuating that birds got
    hold of a mechanic by which they can transfer learned behavior down
    to the offspring after such a long period of time !!

    Possibly you think about the possibility that parents instructed, learned
    their children by seeing milkbottles, again, how to open them after the
    war !? That there is no Lamarckian mechanism involved here, just a few
    birds with a very good memory !?
    I think that is the way you see this !?
    I could agree on that,



    ( I am, because we are) flying away

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