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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 21:10:12 BST

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    Hi Dace,
    I wrote, you wrote,
    > > > Memes are indeed, of course associated with thought and IMO we
    > > > have to stop applying ' genetic- like ' explanations to describe the
    > > > memes themselves and the processes where they are involved in.
    > When he first coined the term, Dawkins located "memes" in the brain. If
    > brain is reducible to genes, then memes are functions of genes. But if
    > brain is informed by past, similar brains, then memes are patterns of
    > neurotransmission that follow habitually from previous, similar patterns.

    << Right, genes makes genes; genes makes the structure of the brain and
    therefor IYO, memes are functions of genes !?
    Ok, I can go along whit that, but don 't forget, memes are now divided
    into two different groups, L(ynch)- memes and G(atherer)- memes.
    By which the L- memes count for the memes in mind, ( ideas) and the
    G- memes count for behavior and artefacts ( the information which acts
    upon us (from the environment/ external agency)).

    G- memes are inbedded into almost everything around us ( that is my
    view) and we with our brains draw information out of those artefacts,
    which in a sense are products of L- memes, ( but not all).

    And I don 't think your notion about neurotransmission can be correct,
    because L- memes, partly, rely on information gathered from the envi-
    ronment. L- and G- memes combine as a new meme which has no
    previous and similar pattern to rely on. The mechanism of combination
    could follow habitually previous and similar patterns to get the work
    done., but the L/G meme cannot.
    It is a new meme with a complete new niche or creode or lineage !!



    ( I am, because we are) just brains !!!

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