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    I posted this yesterday (under the heading, "Logic") but it never went

    Ted Dace

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    > On 7 Aug 2001, at 10:15, Dace wrote:
    > > I'm arguing that memes have no relation whatsoever to genes. Memes
    > > are associated with thought. When enough people subscribe to a
    > > particular belief, such as the notion that evolution is a product of
    > > changing environmental conditions and random genetic mutation, then
    > > this belief becomes part of our collective memory.
    > >
    > "And where is this 'collective memory" stored and how is it
    > transmitted between individuals? In the non-genetic material in the
    > zygote, or in the nonexiastent ether?

    Memory is a function of time, not space. It has no particular location.
    When you assume that memory is stored somewhere, you're defining it out of
    existence. If memories are stored in the brain, then in order to remember
    something, you must look up the information about it in your brain. But
    memory is precisely that which enables you to know something about the past
    *without* having to look it up. If memory involves storage of information,
    then there would be no difference between remembering an important event you
    personally witnessed and reading a description of it in a book. Memory, in
    this model, is not so much explained as explained away.

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