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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 07:03:11 BST

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    Hello again, Bill.

    > > > The second experiment is a good start. Once you have a set of fake
    > > > Persian words that are as easy to duplicate as a set of real Persian
    > > > words, then you test whether the real words are easier to learn. They
    > > > should be, by morphic resonance, right?
    > >
    > > This is exactly what Pickering did.
    > >
    > Err, not as reported. He only investigated ease of duplication, he
    > didn't control for it.

    My mistake. Must have been feeling a bit stressed from all the criticism
    coming at once from so many people. Makes it more difficult to stay on

    You make a very good suggestion. While the invented terms, on average, are
    harder to recall than real terms, some are about the same. These could then
    be given fake definitions, and subjects might might be told to learn groups
    of terms, some real and some not, and then see if the real ones are recalled
    more readily than the fakes.


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